Friday, December 2, 2011

VIDEO// Lana Del Ray: Born to Die

Now, you all know I've been an ambassador for Lana Del Ray from day one, so finding not only a new track but a semi-naked video as well might have made my Christmas. Some of the Internet populous has been concerned in the past over the New Yorker's looks. Plastic surgery on those lips? Focus put on her image more than her music? I say, if you've got it, flaunt it, and that is exactly what she's doing here. Bear-hugging a tattooed fellow may be conjuring up a storm of criticism from music blogs around the globe, but if it's getting her noticed, do you think she cares? I personally got that shiver of unexplainable beauty from the video, and indeed the song that backs it. The way she stands, lacking in even the hint of a smile. The man's closed eyes and comforting grasp, stroking Lana's back against the fluttering American flag. Is he a ghost? Is Lana's arms furiously clinging to the shadow of a lost friend? It's a mesmerising notion, and one that transfixes while you listen. Staring into her quietly yearning eyes, a lifetime of struggle holding back the tears, you can so easily fall into the music and become lost in her stunningly delicate voice. But maybe we're a tad too analytical in our approach. She's naked, and the song is fantastic. There's something here that we can all appreciate, and you can't say you haven't had the same thoughts! An album of the same name is set to drop late January so look out for that and stream above.