Friday, December 23, 2011

EP// I.M.M.T: Childhood

As you've probably noticed Christmas day is literally just around the corner. Why then you may be asking, have I shared this with you? Tagged with the word 'depression' over at the Bandcamp, fearing the spirit of Christmas over here to be dead might not actually be that crude or brash an assumption. However, there is something hauntingly beautiful about the two tracks on 'Childhood'. The essence of Christmas past floats between its sonic sheets, taking the hand of the Scrooge in all of us. An innocence prevails, marred by the present failure of man to retain such bewilderment. Labels akin to 'depression' blind our vision and the cruel hand of the modern thirst for knowledge starves us of wonder and mystery. The baby of the twenty-first century is born with open eyes, leaving less to be discovered upon the rupture of those delicate lids. I.M.M.T wishes to reveal this flaw, and I think he does so. 'Somewhere', with children muttering and murmuring is quietly disturbing. It embodies that surreal conscience, lending it an intellectual greatness stolen by the forced learning of an unimaginative reality. 'Childhood' follows as a lighter number. The voices we heard before are becoming lost. They're fading into the busyness of life, and that's a thought-provoking concept. Christmas is often a time to muse, and these two tracks provide the means to do so. Stream 'Somewhere' above and download both songs for free at I.M.M.T's Bandcamp!