Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MP3// Mux Mool: Raw Gore + BONUS

'Raw Gore' is the latest three-minute electronic wonder from Brookyln producer Mux Mool! Built upon a once comfortable existence, the beams of reality begin to creak. Under these aggressive, unrelenting synths the seams holding your life together start to tear apart. But by the two minute mark something within your futile, desperate mind clicks. A tonal change and newly discovered melody embraces the chaos taking place around it. Wood splits and roof tiles smash upon the uprooted floor. For those final sixty seconds the furious screams of people fleeing this apocalyptic scene become strangely, terrifyingly glorious. Something about 'Raw Gore' exposes you to situations beyond reality, and I love that! Stream above!

Just as a little bonus here's Mux Mool's remix to a song you've more than likely heard. For me, a remix is a song that should turn one sound into something completely different, and thats exactly what Mool has done with Snap's 'Rhythm is a Dancer'. Theres just a fantastic old-time crackle behind an almost alien, War of the Worlds esque melody. It's a subtle and attenuated number, and even the vocals have been re-worked. After hearing 'Raw Gore', I would just turn off for a few minutes and fall into this awe-inspiring, head-bobbing groove!