Saturday, December 10, 2011

REVIEW// Whales In Cubicles: We Never Win

     Whales in Cubicles, apart from having an awesome band name, also record some comfortably magnificent indie-rock tunes. The groups latest split single is made up of 'We Never Win' and the brilliant 'Across America' anthem to freedom. Both tracks take noted inspiration, from bands like Blur to the undeniable songwriting skill of undisputed legends like the Canadian Neil Young. A self-deprecating sadness seeps through their music, a passionate regret blinding their conscience, embodied by determined guitars and unwavering drum phrases. I think both numbers here aim to arouse the desire inside everyone to go out and make the most of the opportunities handed to them. To carve a name for themselves on the memory of the world. To be remembered by the nations for something truly amazing. Not many of us will manage this, but Whales In Cubicles and their yearning ability to dream and work in earnest towards such a goal makes their sound reverberate off walls far from those made of bricks and mortar. The title track opens with a certain delicacy. An instantly noticeable melancholy that turns into an antagonised rage riddled with punk bullets and the debris of a future crushed. The catchy chorus is repeated just enough to get stuck in your head. A build from quiet to loud, from a walk to a sprint, the wind in your hair and the world in front of your thundering feet. Melodic shouts and riffs as heavy and epic and huge as anything you've heard make for a number that is hard to forget. 'Across America' is one five minute monster, but one I'm more than happy to fall into. A similar build to the first track runs with this one. A slower number, the verses remind me of Frightened Rabbit or Bright Eyes, and I love them. A guitar lead interlude stares down an empty road. Your foot presses down on the accelerator. You speed up, and so does your heart beat. It's a climax as good as any, and closes this split single. I for one was in awe. Stream 'We Never Win' below and grab a copy of both songs on vinyl if it tickles your fancy. Head to the Young and Lost Club here!