Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NEWS// Chloë Sunshine: Hold Me MP3

Chloë Sunshine embodies every positive connotation their moniker has. Infinite summers blurred by nostalgia. Shafts of glittering dust lancing through your memory, dappling each of those moments with that sense of absolute perfection. Your eyes have always been half closed to this revelation though, trying their hardest to fight the glare of the midday sun. In 'Hold Me' you find a welcome spot of shade, quiet and subtle and beautifully understated. The vocal work is stunningly relaxed, relaying such lines as "but I'm wired with the blood of a fool", which is brilliantly thought-provoking. An innocence is expressed on the track, the second from the Californian surf-pop band's forthcoming album 'Indian Summer', and I am more than happy to simply flow along to it's attenuated sadness. Hope, regret and indeed sadness are all explored in 'Hold Me's jangly instrumentation and catchy harmonies and I like it very much! If you also like the sound of the stream above, download it for free here!