Sunday, January 22, 2012

MP3// Kate Havnevik: Mouth to Mouth

Kate Havnevik's latest track 'Mouth to Mouth' is haunting in its ambient electronic pop. Her vocals are undeniably stunning as they relay lyricism co-written by Guy Sigsworth, and as the chorus comes into view, your mouth cannot help but fall open, helpless and amazed. A dark undertone throbs beneath the still water, surfacing as the prolonged notes persevere and as Havnevik's yearning threatens to overwhelm her. Subtle dubstep sensibilities keep to the back of the song, reflecting Kate's pounding heartbeat and determined disbelief. An incredible whispered phrase makes you shudder, before once again that chorus grabs for your heart and fills it with an innate, immeasurable sadness. This Norwegian has crafted a track fueled by emotion and a truly extraordinary passion! Stream 'Mouth to Mouth' above and prepare to swoon before Kate Havneviks sensational magnificence. I promise you will!