Sunday, November 13, 2011

REVIEW// Little Racer: Split for the Coast

    Little Racer are a three-piece outfit hailing from New York's Brooklyn borough, and are all set to drop their debut double-A side single on December 5th. A two track set composed of 'Split for the Coast' and 'The Town', these three guys record some pretty awesome surf-pop, laden with off-kilter drums and nostalgic guitar, all swimming in the lake of reminiscent reverb. What sets Little Racer aside from the multitude of other lo-fi bands however, is their ability to effortlessly incorporate a dream-pop aesthetic within their sound. It's a carefully weighted balance, but a harmony that Little Racer have perfected. One one hand, heartbreak and yearning, offset by a hopeful, care-free mentality that sets mind firmly towards the future. It's a thoroughly charming effort that takes you back to a time of innocent summers, the horizon rippling in the midday heat. Available to pre-order from the Young and Lost Club label here, you can actually download a free self-titled track from the Bandcamp if you need some reassurance regarding Little Racer's outstanding ability. It's a song that takes inspiration from Brooklyn's garage rock scene, beautiful in its muffled vocals, glittering melody and energetic builds. It should stoke the fire of anticipation for this single into something resembling a bonfire, and if it doesn't, well, this just isn't for you.
     The title track opens this split single, kicking off immediately with a fantastic melody that rides atop a cheerful drum beat. The vocals drip with equally summery vibes, and reach a section that never fail to make me smile. At 1:55 Little Racer trade all that energy and reverb and replace it with a subtle interlude of sorts. It's old-fashioned, akin to the sound of street performers serenading in the last ebbing rays of evening light, but it adds a whole new layer of charm to 'Split for the Coast'. It shows up again at the end of the track, and ties everything together to form four minutes that are truly captivating. The second, and indeed ultimate number 'The Town' follows, and strikes an instantly altered tone. An air of soul and RnB seeps into Little Racer's dream-pop sensibility, and while the reverb and energy seems to be diluted, it still resonates in the same way. It's a slower track, but one that again grooves and laughs and strolls along with all the wide-eyed amazement you'd expect from a child. Summer vacation in an unknown town. Blue skies. Cloudless nights. Catching the eye of a dazzling girl. Holding it for a few, glorious seconds.
     The single draws to a close, but you somehow have to listen again and again and again. For this review, I must have played through each track at least twenty times, and I've never been more mesmerised. Little Racer are disconcertingly good at what they do, and render me enthralled. Stream the title track below then for goodness sake, pre-order!