Thursday, November 24, 2011

VIDEO// Kapowski: Section 8

A while back, I posted one of The Perez Brothers directorial masterpieces, a charming film for French Cassettes and their song 'Radley'. Almost three months later, and here we are, with another solid gold act from the Californian brothers, a duo who effortlessly inject their visualisation of sound with all the eeriness and individuality that the music deserves. Their soundtrack this time is 'Section 8', a subtle and terrifying look into a technologically reliant future. Its a world that seems perfectly normal and domesticated on the surface, but reeks of a lacking human warmth upon digging deeper. Off-kilter drums and an innately hypnotic piano melody are at one time both eccentric and strangely natural, like the discovery of a fossil that while looking alien, must have lived on our planet since creation began. Taken from Kapowski's forthcoming album, Hart and Devon Perez have me suitably excited for it!