Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekly Classics: Pink Floyd: Goodbye Blue Sky

'Goodbye Blue Sky' is one of my favourite Pink Floyd numbers, from their 1979 effort 'The Wall'. It was an album that went on to become one of the greatest records of all time. Upon listening to the rest of the progressive rock group's discography you discover that it's also one of their darkest, and 'Goodbye Blue Sky' demonstrates this perfectly. With stunningly well-crafted animations from Gerald Scarfe, the video begins with a live action sequence. As you watch, the cheery melody and innocent dove provide suitable warmth during these chilly November afternoons, however all that changes with a tonal change as sudden as the flicking of a switch. The dove explodes. Torn from inside by a Nazi eagle and the panic of the Blitz. I do believe the song goes on for about half a minute more than the video, but the animations are so beautiful and full of symbolism I think it needs to be shared. Watch it above, and have a listen to what is an undeniable classic, from a simply timeless record!