Monday, November 14, 2011

NEWS// Nihiti: The Orchids (Psychic TV cover) MP3

'The Orchids', which appeared on Psychic TV's 1983 album 'Dreams Less Sweet', isn't the most well-known number from the London outfit. Nihiti are one of the few groups to throw a version out into the blogosphere, but boy have they done it justice. The original track is so swamped in reverb and aged crackle that the beautiful lyricism becomes almost lost in a dusty, lo-fi catacomb. Nihiti serve to pull misplaced gem from forgotten maze, and lend it a new lease of life. The vocals are layered up twice and reverberate around the room with a melancholic echo, clarifying the words with a tender, delicate touch. Violins, guitars and even a cello(?) are brought in, and wrap 'The Orchids' in a blanket of perfection, soothing and calming and quietly saddening. Free to download, there's no reason not to grab this!