Friday, November 25, 2011

NEWS// Frost: The Woods MP3

Frost is the musical moniker for Norwegian duo Aggie Peterson and Per Martinsen, a pair who have already put out two records under the icy pseudonym. 'The Woods' is the latest teaser from their forthcoming third effort 'Radiomagnetic, an album set to stun when it falls early next year. During these four minutes however, we're served a wondrously well-baked slice of electro-pop, delicious in its delicacy and lathered in warm, pulsating synths. It's an understated gem, trickling under Aggie's haunting vocals, dripping in subtle reverberation and yet still managing to retain a crystal clear aesthetic, euphoric yet melancholic over the beautifully refined and attenuated melody. Drum phrases pan between channels, an alien light dappling the track's base in mystery and intrigue. A song of contrast, Frost unify the sounds, bringing them together under just one, truly magnificent namesake: 'The Woods'.