Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NEWS// Exlovers: Starlight, Starlight MP3

Exlovers. A London-based quintet. Four guys, one gal and just some seriously blissed out bedroom pop, lathered in shoegaze sensibilities, sweeping symphonies and humbling lo-fi charm. I was emailed 'Starlight Starlight' by two separate people, and I wasn't dissapointed with what I found! The first track from their debut album, it's currently being given away for absolutely nothing at all, so it's a delightfully easy reccomendation for me to make. Kicking off with some furiously summery drums, riddled with mellow vibes and bathing in that pool of satisfaction we all wish to find, Exlover's singing slowly emerges. The combination of the male and female vocals is a technique not unknown to the indie-pop outfit, but it seems on 'Starlight Starlight' that such a harmony has been perfected, and an edge refined. Muffled by our minds ability to make nostalgic events better than they probably were, this track is a catchy one. It sticks in your head, which in turn moulds it into something incredible. It's the basis of a pop classic, and one I'm not likely to forget. I think I'm in love with Exlovers! Grab the track here, and then look out for their forthcoming LP 'Moth' sometime next year!