Friday, November 25, 2011

NEWS// La Shark: Magazine Cover MP3

Eccentric South London sextet La Shark are all set to launch their latest single, a frenzied and beautifully unconventional smattering of pop perfection next Monday night. 'Magazine Cover' somehow feels dated, an element to their music more often than not attributed to a certain lead singer's vocals. Rather than a hindrance however, this quirky and individual sound, when matched with the off-kilter instrumentation, pacey interludes and fantastically catchy choruses, makes for a captivating and curiously unique aesthetic that we at Music Dissection love. An electronic whirring, beeping and laser-shooting dominates the beat, a rhythm that supports lyrics evocative in both their tragic and smile-inducing notions. The group prophesise their own downfall, a forlorn and quietly saddening affair brought about by ego and fame and the temptations available to those with money. Each member of La Shark dies, the coverage of which appears on a "magazine cover". During the second half of the track, we pause for a while and slow down. It's here that we can really appreciate La Sharks ability to take words and twist them into something stunningly powerful. The faster phrases are truly incredible, and as the song draws to a close, you can finally breath. The urge to replay ultimately takes over, yet the impulse to sing along is stronger. It may not be for everyone, but for me 'Magazine Cover' is the apex of pop perfection. Hear it above!