Saturday, November 26, 2011

NEWS// Of Montreal: Wintered Debts MP3

I've always been a fan of Georgian rock octet Of Montreal, and 'Wintered Debts' has got a certain charm about it that doesn't disappoint. I'll admit the outfit's last two releases didn't click with me, especially after the magnificent 'Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?', but my confidence in them has been suitably restored with this latest epic of a track. Running for seven and a half minutes and taken from their forthcoming effort 'Paralytic Stalks' it's a number that reaches out to grasp for past glories, the concluding strings and piano rising to a level of instrumentation I've never heard but always anticipated from the group. The opening vocals are melancholy in their wintry delicacy, wrapped warm in a subtle melody. A drum phrase introduces a marked change in tone as Of Montreal seem to slowly break down, but it's a vulnerability and passion that matches the undeniably determined attitude they have to get every song they record as perfect as it can be. Even on albums that didn't sound as good, you can tell they tried their hardest, which is an element I've always admired. Eventually that orchestral interlude leads into the stunning conclusion, to a track so beautifully refined you can't help sighing with affection. Stream 'Wintered Debts' above.