Thursday, November 3, 2011

VIDEO// Colours: Lost in a Sea

If you'll care to remember back, almost a week ago I reviewed Colours' eponymous EP, an effort well deserving of the praise it was served. With an upcoming maths exam heavy on my mind, waking up to find a new track and video from the Australian artist was more than a delight. Taken from the A-side of 2011's Hartzine/Beko compilation, 'Lost in a Sea' thunders and throbs with the same hazy, summery nostalgia I've come to love from his work. That very same yearning settles from the start, jumping with the warm bass and vibrating with the quietly sad melody. Wavering lo-fi ripples once again fall between you and the music, obscuring your view but amplifying the passion of the moment to a level close to overwhelming. The contrastingly steady beat carries the sound like a river, watching with tired eyes as you become slowly and helplessly memorised. Falling gracefully through the spectrum of clips, stitched together and deliberately, beautifully ambiguous, you realise what it is to be truly, undeniably sad. This underlying tension pulls the track taut, yet still that dream-like abstraction fluctuates through your very being. 'Lost in a Sea' throws you into an ocean of delicate delusions, and I adore it. Stream up above!