Monday, November 7, 2011

NEWS// Blank Spaces: Hold Fast MP3

I was actually sent this new single from Blank Spaces little under a week ago, and I admit that I put off listening to it. When I did however, I couldn't understand why I hadn't done so a lot sooner! The band are based in London, and dropped 'Hold Fast' ahead of their debut EP 'Start', which will arrive at our ears during the January of next year. A moody and thought-provoking pop gem, something about the tone of the track reminds me of 'War of the Worlds'. An immediately strong melody and rhythm is established as soon as the song starts, but it's those melancholic moments at the end of lines that really hit home. Like the infantryman from the afore-mentioned musical, the vocalist here seems to have witnessed some painful things, suppressed through the quietly saddening, nostalgic sound of 'Hold Fast'. The quality of the singing only goes to highlight this subtly old-fashioned feel, broken by soothing piano interludes and amplified by epic, harmonious choruses. Blank Spaces don't do anything revolutionary, but there is a humble, honest charm within their sound. More so than even the fantastic lyricism, this lonely, yearning tone, when matched with classic guitars and crucially understated drums, makes for some terrific music. Available for free download here, stream 'Hold Fast' above, and prepare to be enthralled!