Friday, November 25, 2011

NEWS// Death Rattle: The Dig MP3

This new track, 'The Dig', is London-based duo Death Rattle's debut single. Composed of Helen and Chris Hamilton, formerly of lo-fi three-piece That Mouth, 'The Dig' highlights a rather radical shift in sound. They've thrown out a list of influences via the Facebook, and believe me when I say that the inspirations play a big part in terms of how the song plays out. The main difference however, is the notable increase in production value. The darker tone of the track throbs and swirls menacingly under stark electronic ice. Fever Rays truly experimental ethos materialises itself under the pounding Depeche Mode synths and Nine Inch Nail aggression, all layered in immaculate production and a refined recording quality. Helen's vocals are dominant, smothered in reverberating, foreboding disquiet. The hook is incredible, burrowing itself deep into your conscious with every tangible, unfaltering shovel fall. It's an amazing debut song from the duo, and well worth a free download here!