Wednesday, November 30, 2011

VIDEO// Gabriel Bruce: Sleep Paralysis

I know absolutely nothing when it comes to Gabriel Bruce other than that he records some simply stunning post-punk numbers, with one of the more recent being 'Sleep Paralysis'. A four minute muse pondering the actuality of his very being ("I've got this feeling that we're dead"), it's a track that's all the more powerful because of Bruce's despondent, saddening tone. These vocals bring the sound of The National to mind, and it soon becomes evident that they've played a modest part in Gabriel's inspiration. A melodic groove hiding in the steady drum beat seeps in through his passion, driving the track with an eager sincerity in toe. It's a style not unfamiliar to those fans of The National, but for me, the lacking hope in 'Sleep Paralysis' grabs at your heartstrings with a tighter, more unrelenting grasp. When such a great track is paired with an amazing video my day is made, so stream it up above!