Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekly Classics: Radiohead: Exit Music (For a Film) MP3

Now, this is something we haven't done in quite a while! The Weekly Classic hasn't been, well, very weekly for a couple of, er, weeks, mostly because I completely forget. This week however, I'm treating you to one of my favourite Radiohead songs, 'Exit Music'. A truly touching and truly saddening and truly beautiful number, it runs through this epic, epic story, which brings a tear to my eye. From a relatively stark beginning, everything seems quiet. Muse may have taken a few notes from this track, as there are some very similar vibes running through this as run through some of their songs. Slowly however, noise emerges from the calm. Children laugh and play and suddenly, a passionate climax fills your ears, only to sink to its knees at the very end. The girl, as she can't run away with her true love, kills herself. Yorke sings. "We all let you choke". The tale ends, and you are left, stifling a sob and pondering in the silence left by its finish. 'Exit Music's a true classic.