Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NEWS// Peachcake: You Matter (Elemental Tea Remix) MP3

A while back I covered Peachcake's five-track EP 'This Wasn't Our Plan', and while 'You Matter' wasn't my favourite track, it certainly didn't take away from the trio's unique brand of electro-pop. Elemental Tea's remix however, makes me wonder why that was so. Maybe coming back to it after time or seeing it under a new light has altered my perception, but both this and the original are incredible, and I can't help but frown upon my initial disregard for what is obviously a stunning number. It's a care-free song, simmering under a film of glittering reverb and tinkling synths. Ambient sensibilities seep in here and there, and while the lyricism isn't the most varied, the lines are undeniably memorable. At 2:30, a pretty epic chiptune build climaxes under a vast canopy of laughter and joy and that same comfort you get from knowing the weekend is on the way. Both this, the original and indeed the whole EP are well worth a listen, so stream it above and grab them over here!