Sunday, October 23, 2011

NEWS// Samaritan: Don't Try Love EP

Yet another awesome EP here, this time from Samaritan, AKA Norwich-born producer Sam Martin, whose name bears a striking resemblance to that of his moniker. A set of four dark and yearning tracks, they each explore a realm rife with the haunting desolation of men unheard and perpetually alone. They fill the crushing silence, yet amplify its vast loneliness. You walk through towering, unholy forests of whispering pines, only to sway at the edge of a mighty precipice, looking down into the heart of human suffering. No flames lick at your soles however, nor do demons growl and grunt from cages of ligament and bone. Instead, without breath or heat or warmth, there lies a plain so immeasurable in scale your soul cries away at the sight. Your heart drops, and at the same time, so does that of all humans. For that slightest of seconds, the pain and lament of eternal solidarity is so far-flung it passes the barrier of conscience control. It seeps into the mind of everyone and leaves so quickly you hardly notice it was there at all. A seed of doubt has been planted, and the waters of hatred and jealousy and greed drip slowly down with baited breath. 'Don't Try Love' is the soundtrack to an emotional purgatory, and infects your thoughts with ideas so powerful they could bring the world to its knees with one apocalyptic flood. Stream the title track above and hear the other three at the Bandcamp.