Friday, October 21, 2011

NEWS// Lustworks: Three MP3s

I've actually covered some of Lustworks' stuff on the blog before, but here are three new tracks from the 20 year old Canadian, from his forthcoming EP 'Ease'. Intricate in their detail and passionate in their search for a unique sound, these song are sharpened by an experimental edge, yet are soothing to the touch. An ambient exploration of texture and a striving need to create soundscapes of epic proportions, it's so easy to get lost within these three numbers, as each ponders a different situation. A different world. A different time. 'Vanilla at Night' is the latest, and therefore the first track up. Strange, natural percussion shakes and people march through rivers of wavering, glittering synths. The tribe wades through a marsh of ethereal samples, flickering and flitting back and forth in the warm glow of dusk. Small animals croak and splash across dew-covered leaves, but all grows silent as the edge of the lake looms. A view emerges. It is such a beautiful view...

The next track two tracks are 'Felines Underwater', and 'When You Were Not', and both of them amaze. The subtle melody of the former is layered with texture in such a way that it both contrasts with the softness of the sampled voice, and compliments it wonderfully. A slow, relaxed end is capped with percussion, which leads undeniably well into 'When  You Were Not'. This number is a fantastic example of how a song can be built up over time. From a thoughtful, lonely start, full of echoes and minute details that bring the whole thing to life, the synths and melody grow and throb through your ears. A sense of impending magnificence tingles from head to toe as the deep, thundering bass line carries you away. A confused, but somehow together set of beats and texture and percussion kneel before a goddess, high in the sky and pulsating with a glow that transcends that of any gem. Another perfectly refined end closes the track, and thus closes this post. Stream all three of the songs, then head to Lustworks' SoundCloud for a free download, and visit his blog!