Tuesday, October 25, 2011


If you'll care to remember way back to yesterday, I posted a track by sixteen year old Pete Harley, and here's something very similar, by Suffolk born Dissonant Child. He dropped 'Sugar' onto my SoundCloud last night, and the same post-dubstep sensibilities crop up, be it astride waves of glittering synth. They ripple through valleys of confident rhythm, detailing the landscape and blown by a warm, chill breeze. Epic, towering synths give the whole track scope, as though you're looking into the sky on a cloudless night, admiring the stars and musing on the notion of your own mortality. Melodies play off the beats with experienced agility, and that one prolonged drone in the second half works incredibly well in making the lush vibes seem even more uplifting. It makes you realise, with so abrupt a finish, the variety and subtly of sound Dissonant Child's managed to squeeze into the track, layered together to create something both unique and so beautiful. Stream above!