Monday, October 24, 2011

NEWS// New Animal: Still in Mind 7"

Two new tracks here from Atlantan psychpop duo Kris Hermstad and Derek Burdette, who seem to be having quite a year. From their eponymous debut record, they've managed to pump out the equally fantastic 'Up!', and now we're being treated to these two promising numbers. An intriguing mix of ambient, experimental and lo-fi pop, something magical seems to sprung from the cooking pot, so to speak. New Animal has managed to ride astride the mound of praise built up by their previous efforts, and it lifts them high into the air. Supported by failed attempts and lessons learned, you get the impression these guys have worked hard at what they do, and now, they've found that combination that just rocks. 'Still in Mind', which you can stream above, is most definitely the more ambient of the two songs. A tinkling build rises softly from ashes, swirling in deep sonic space to form a creature of unimaginable pleasure. It only lasts for a couple of minutes, but those seconds are a wonder, and worth a spot in living memory until that too ceases to be. Echoes and reverberation and lush waves of muffled harmonies lap against the shore, before an ever so quiet melody closes the show. From small to large and back down again, there is a tangible sense of closure to the track, a door immediately opened again by 'Don't Think I'll Make It Through Another'. The more accessible of the two, a heavier pop quality retains the lo-fi honesty of the previous number, but the experimental edge is blunted by its subdued grasp on the track. Nevertheless, I love it, and I hope you do too. Download both the songs for free and listen to loads more over at their Bandcamp page!