Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NEWS// Wild International: Creeks MP3

Hailing from Manhattan, Wild International only have one track on their SoundCloud, but hey, what a track it is. 'Creeks' is one of those songs that isn't overly impressive at the start, but as you listen and re-listen, you're drawn into its summery vibes with intentions of never letting go. A stream trickles down from some mystical source at the start, sprouting out in all directions and meeting up with some simple, smile-inducing guitars. The vocals aren't the most unique or memorable in the world, but does that matter? Paired with melodies like these and a natural, subtle beat, they gain an importance within the music that you can't help but adore. They relay some thoughtful lyricism, but its the structure of the song that really got me interested. From a slow, calming entrance, the sounds layer on top of each other and build to a wonderfully energetic climax. Louder, faster, the vocals shout with an undeniable passion, and in the background, animals croak and chirp along with them. Shakers detail the noisy celebration so subtly, but as the finish looms, the lush layers of sound peel away. The song ends as it began, and I just loved every second of it!