Monday, October 10, 2011

NEWS// Old Bowl: Innocent Sisters EP

Old Bowl are incredibly interesting. Through the seemingly random combination of styles, they've managed to create something so unique, and yet something that feels like it has always been. Lo-fi bedroom pop meets electro-folk, sharpened with an experimental edge, and you know what? It sounds fantastic. The title track kicks things off, and can be streamed above. Alien squeaks and cosmic tinkling contrast to the pretty miserable vocals, supported by an uneasy, uncertain beat. I don't think its the best number here, which is weird considering its position in the EP, but there you go. A thundering old-age rejection leads us to the finish line, and the much nicer 'Dull, Dull, Dull'. A sweet, crackling melody is carries by a homemade beat, before awesome melancholic vocals and foreign effects come in, making everything even better! 'Bury the Heart that Still Beats' follows, highlighted by the orchestral synths that close it. 'Unraveling' sounds decidedly more rock-driven, but Old Bowl still stamp their experimental mark all over! The guitars are immediately missed with the beginning of the next track, 'Is there a Greater Fear Than This'. Something about the stark, unnerving backing track and lush vocals remind me of Warpaint, but its a very slight similarity. The song is so beautiful, for whatever reason. It resonates somewhere inside, and that makes the music so, so much more meaningful. The sampling in the next track varies the EP up more, if that's even possible, and 'Mourning Love' concludes the seven songs. Download them all here for free, and I highly recommend that you do! There is some seriously experimental stuff going on right here!