Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NEWS// Total Babes: Like They Always Do MP3

I know very little about Total Babes other than that they're from Cleveland and they have a pretty awesome band-name. Oh, that and they completely rock! Thanks to the guys over at Album of the Week for uploading 'Like They Always Do' to the SoundCloud, 'cos this is some seriously good lo-fi punk-ridden pop right here, and without them I'm pretty sure I'd have missed out on it. Kicking things off with some pretty nice guitars, something is lifted as we're lead into the bulk of the song. Either some muffle has been taken off or more instruments have been layered on, but heck, it works. The vocals are suitably loud, and indeed it's the prolonged notes, drowning in reverb, that make the track for me. Two thirds of the way through, there's a subtle shift sonically that I also love, with some gorgeous low notes thrown in as the finish draws near, but really, the whole number shines from beginning to end. Stream above and hear more from Total Babes over at the Bandcamp!