Wednesday, October 5, 2011

VIDEO// French Cassettes: Radley

Here's a sweet little track with a sweet little video that was sent over to the blog a couple of days ago. Quirky, vintage, psychedelic French-pop describes the music well-enough, but the whole thing oozes a care-free, summery vibe that can't be put into words. The San Francisco-based group shot the whole thing using an iPad 2, but don't let technology and innovation scare you, however impressive it is. From the white backdrop during the band scenes to the old-time dust crackle that's subtly layered over everything, it all feels so wonderful. Like that never-ending summer, absent of rain and full of adventure, this video and this stunning gem of a song strike a chord in your heart that reverberates throughout your whole body. And let me tell you, I don't want the good vibrations to end. I just love it! The EP, 'Summer Darling' is out now on iTunes, and is well worth a listen if you liked this!