Sunday, October 9, 2011

NEWS// Dune Rats: Social Atoms EP

Another EP for y'all now, this time a four-tracker from the Brisbane-based, garage-rockin' Dune Rats. It actually dropped at the start of last month, but you don't mind me sharing it now, do you? The truth is, I've been hiding them away. Keeping them for myself, until the time came to unleash their surf-pop, lo-fi awesomeness! 'On Our Own' opens the EP with an energetic mix of passionate vocals and furious guitar/drum work. The foot-tapping blend of gorgeous lyricism and incomprehensible whooping and wailing makes for a wholly enjoyable sound. 'Pogo' follows on the same high level, be it with a slightly melancholic yearning layered on top. The title track, which can be streamed above, takes it fair share of the glory, but its the final number, 'F(r)iends', that stood out for me. A belting chorus and a melody to match, its a stunningly apt end to a stunningly great EP! Download here!