Sunday, October 9, 2011

NEWS// Pinemarten: Coming Around Again, Again EP

I know I've been piling on a lot of praise recently, but I've missed a lot of great music that just needs to be shared! Pinemarten, and their latest EP 'Coming Around Again, Again', is just that. An outstanding, three-track collection of chilled out orchestral synth-pop, riding the dreamwave and bending the cosmic spoon. Every second of these twelve minutes is so relaxing, so soothing and so thought-provoking, it's impossible not to be impressed by Pinemarten's scope and obvious passion. 'Come Upstairs' kicks things off with a synth soundscape that colours the world in a spectrum of waves and beats. They feel beautifully transcendent, as though floating through some mystical world, high above and blissfully unaware of life's troubles. The title track is equally stunning, but carries a playful melody that reminisces time gone by. A spine-tinklingly subtle finish leads into the concluding number, 'Why (Does Your Love)'. Dazzling in its depth and layered sound, it closes the EP perfectly. 'Coming Around Again, Again' is the sort of music your heart is always hungry for, and Pinemarten has most definitely delivered. Download all three songs over... here!