Sunday, October 30, 2011

NEWS// Dumbo Gets Mad: Palomar 1 Mixtape

Here is a truly awesome mixtape from Dumbo Gets Mad, of 'Elephants at the Door' fame. If like me, you're busy enjoying the last few hours of your holiday, or simply relaxing on your Sunday morning, stick on some headphones and 'Palomar 1' and you're sorted. The hour long track dropped five days ago from the Italian pysch-rock outfit, who's moniker is obvious to those who have watched Disney's 'Dumbo'! There are some truly thought-provoking questions posed within those sixy minutes, broken by swirling psychedelic clouds of soothing instrumentals and expressed through samples of the greatest quality. From the old-fashioned muse at 20:55 to the foot-tapping track at 27:20, every second of this mixtape has been sought with a striving passion. The track swells from slower moments to moments racing with beat-heavy dance sensibilities. Experimental moments dream, contrasting with extremely comfortable interludes that hold back and seem content with what is, rather than what could be. However, even when the track is this varied, Dumbo Gets Mad still manages to tie it all together. The transitions are so, so subtle, yet bring sections of earnest enmity into warm embrace, a feat polished and perfected by very few. Available as a free download, stream the whole thing and then grab it over here!