Thursday, October 6, 2011

NEWS// L.E.V.E.R: Over Here MP3

L.E.V.E.R dropped this song neatly onto my SoundCloud earlier today, and it's actually their first track over there, having been uploaded little over five hours ago. Even without that back-log to reference from, you immediately realise that this England-based outfit has some skill. You can almost taste the lush bass as it carries the stunningly dark melody. Your mind wanders as the blurred sun shimmers off the dust-laden memories that hang heavy in the air. You can hear the crunch of autumn leaves underfoot, and through it all, the delicate mortality of us all hits home. Post-dubstep vibes are executed brilliantly, stark against the affected vocals and Mediterranean beat. I'm going to keep a very close eye on L.E.V.E.R because subtly, and with extraordinary grace, they've managed to enthrall!