Monday, October 3, 2011

NEWS// Young Runaways: There is a World Outside EP

I've been asked to cover this latest EP from the Young Runaways, and I was more than happy to. There are some fantastic tune packed into these fifteen minutes, and as the outfit consists of siblings and friends, you definitely get the sense that they all connect with one another. Rock and pop sensibilities weave in and out throughout the four tracks, heightened by the magnificent orchestral breaks and grounded by the humble, charming vocals. 'Closer' opens the EP well, warmed by summer vibes and cooled by the gentle breeze. Strings highlight the backing track and the wonderful lyricism is relayed with an undeniable passion. 'Leave with Anyone' shines with more amazing vocal work from the male lead. A stunning drum beat carries the melody and ethereal harmonies make the climax sound so much more thundering and huge and somewhat perfect. You get the impression that this sextet have practised hard to refine every note, and that time has been well spent. Drums and guitars and vocals are there, but in the background, strings and classical instruments make everything sound flawless, and I love it. 'Vultures' picks the pace up with an effortless ease, and the finishing number, 'What Happened to Us' slows things back down again. The closing song is most certainly my favourite, making me listen over and over again and making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Build after build take 'There is a World Outside' to an almost untouchable level, and I can't wait to here more from Young Runaways. The EP drops today, so while I download a copy, stream 'Leave with Anyone' above and head here for more info. I for one am impressed!