Saturday, October 8, 2011

NEWS// Black Spires: Demos Collection

From the little information I can find, I gather that Black Spires are a Belgium group from Ghent, with this untitled demo set available for free from the Bandcamp. Specialising in some outstanding dark old-age rock and roll, the five tracks sound fantastic. And, when considering they're all demos, I can't wait to listen to what they goin' to churn out in the near-future. 'Scars' opens the collection with some furious guitars, offkilter and unnerving. Sonic squeals and pounding drums lead into angry, reverb covered vocals, and everything just seems to work. 'Exit' slows things down, but the shadows slowly creep up on you. The instrumentation is layered in such a way as to the build noise upon noise. An orchestral scope bites at your heels as you run through the eye of the storm, so there's no reason not to stream it above. There are another three tracks, but heck, I'll let you discover the brilliance for yourselves! Download the whole thing free of charge over here!