Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NEWS// Saskatchewan: Skinny Dipping 7"

New, pretty epic 7" right here, from the ever-inspiring Saskatchewan, which dropped at the end of last month. I've actually covered the guys before, their subtle dream-pop arousing my ears on more than one occasion, but 'Skinny Dipping' is something else all together. It begins with the title track, which you can stream above, and it's a number that immediately causes you to fall in love with the all-male Orlando band. A surreal melody is met almost instantly with roaring, lush guitars. Wailing vocals are riddled with wondrous effects, and the whole thing rocks. The sound is tinged with cars and streetlights and the image of a busy evening street comes to mind. The stars are glowing, and as you look through the window, everyone nearby respects their glory. The air is cold, and yet you feel warm. It's the strangest feeling, as though you're reminiscing an event that never occurred, and I love it. The second track on the 7" is 'Cabin Fever', which rumbles with a delicious drum beat and the same ethereal vocals, soaked in reverb. A quiet finish demands your attention, as you ponder the delicate, beautiful nature of everything. A name-your-price purchase, download both of the songs over here, and trust me, you're going to want to!