Sunday, October 23, 2011

NEWS// THE-DRUM: Euthanasia MP3

THE-DRUM is Chicago duo Brandon and Jeremiah, of 'Omar' fame, a track I posted quite a while ago. My face both shined and sunk when I discovered that this latest number, 'Euthanasia', while amazing, was late on arrival at my ears by almost a whole month. Nevertheless, anyone who hasn't heard it most definitely needs to, or if you have, why not indulge in a repeat? Headphones are an absolute necessity here though, before you start playing. The sound swims through you head, spanning the breadth of your mind and grabbing your attention with an iron fist. The sampled vocals form melodies in the beat-heavy air, and their mix of female and male singing varies the song up nicely. Stream the whole thing above, and then head to THE-DRUM's SoundCloud to listen to lots more!