Sunday, October 9, 2011

NEWS// Skai Nine: Pulse / Indigo MP3s

Two new tracks here from the Maryland-based Skai Nine, entitled 'Pulse' and 'Indigo'. Both can be streamed above, and are well worth doing so, as both retain a certain quality that's hard not to completely love. 'Pulse', as the name suggests, throbs with a constant, unwavering synth, detailed by tinkling percussion and held together by a beat, strong in its subtle, underlying tension. Affected vocals run with everything, to a point most exciting in its execution. At 2:15, you notice the beats leave the equation, replaced instead with an eerie, frightening melody that compliments the rest of the song expertly. 'Indigo' is the latest of the two numbers here, and is an adequate follow-up to the level set by 'Pulse'. The build at the beginning is just magnificent, and marks the way for the rest of the track. These aren't the most amazing things ever, but well worth at least one listen! Stream above, then head over to the SoundCloud to check out more grand tunes from Skai Nine!