Thursday, October 13, 2011

NEWS// Tropic of Pisces: Symmetry EP

Brooklyn's Tropic of Pisces dropped this three-tracker only last month, and trust me when I say, it's an incredibly good one! Rocking along with a unique groove that gets your body moving, all three songs manage to stand in the river of mainstream pop without being swept away by the wave of predictability. There is no doubt that you're going to love it, because somehow, it utilises everything we've heard before, but mixes it in a manner that sounds so unbelievably fresh and new and uplifting. 'Marking' opens the EP with an awesome synth, and before you know it, your foot is tapping along to the lush beat, and you just know everything is going to be great. The singing is great. It lets the music do most of the talking, while running through such a dynamic spectrum of tone and pitch, it is impossible to sniff at. The title track, which you can stream above, is amazing from the get go. Crickets and birds fill the room with their evening activities as the tribal beat and natural drums back short, delicious vocals. They're offset immediately however, by a spectacular couple of notes that I adore. A synth break half way through builds straight back into another beautiful section of singing. As the number draws to a close, Tropic of Pisces manage to vary it up again, before 'Still' takes to the stage. The grooviest vibe ever pumps its way out of your headphones, before a standout chorus, lathered in effects and oozing relaxation. The ending shows a whole new side to the vocals, but before the flame can grow it's blown out by a decidedly abrupt, but no less lovely finish. The whole track, no, all three tracks, blew me away, and I sincerely recommend a listen. Hear the EP over here, and await the forthcoming album over on Tropic of Pisces' Bandcamp page!