Sunday, October 16, 2011

NEWS// Clockwork Radio: Sketch EP

I'm going to admit that I bookmarked this EP, and then kinda forgot about it, which was silly considering the quality of all four tracks. The whole things shines with a peppy dance-pop sensibility, but when you realise the outfit is based in the UK, some of the songs surprise even more with their foreign, salsa tang! After the Vampire Weekend inspired opening number 'So Will I', with its summery reminiscence and catchy hook, detailed with fresh, open-air percussion, 'Leige' begins. By far my favourite track, it dances across burning Spanish flagstones, a band playing in the shade of a rustic orange tree. The sea laps at the shore as the twang of the guitar plays out a melody as care-free as the first day of summer. You can almost taste the air, heavy with the afternoon heat, and see the red dresses of the women whirl across the street. The vocals are so unique in this EP that they carry every second, right through the slow moments and all the way to the stabbing, beautiful finish that 'Leige' closes on. 'Beta' continues, and runs with all the expected pace, on the road of fun built up by the previous two numbers. A slow, hypnotic break sooths before a satisfying conclusion, and the beginning of  'Please You'. A wholly acoustic track, it's an apt ending to the EP, and leaves the listener itching to go back and play all four songs over again. A free download from the Bandcamp, this is another fabulous EP that is so worth checking out. Stream 'Leige' above, then grab 'Sketch' here!