Saturday, October 15, 2011

VIDEO// Gel Roc: Beautiful Tragedy (Feat. Abstract Rude)

A while back, I reviewed a copy Gel Roc's album 'Beautiful Tragedy', which wasn't half bad at all. It came as a pleasant surprise therefore, to discover an official video for the title track in my inbox. The video is pretty awesome, and does the song proud with its well-shot and professional air. Things switch up between Roc, Abstract Rude, and some guy having a dance, all of which suit the stomping, hypnotic mood of the song perfectly. Rude in particular is strangely captivating in the way he performs, and, along with the tone of his voice, added a whole new element to the album. Both this and the record are well worth your time, so stream the video up above and listen to the others on Gel Roc's Bandcamp!