Saturday, October 22, 2011


I've posted one of L.E.V.E.R's remixes before, but this is a completely original track, and it's one of such minimalism and subtly it's hard not to love it. Stuttering beats click and pop over a distant industrial drone, the departure of which welcomes a new, steadier rhythm. Something about the stark emptiness of 'OP/EN' is akin to that of an abandoned library. The sonic details glitter in the evening sun, dust particles dancing in shafts of golden, dappled light. An underlying tension creaks. Hiding in the darkness, it grounds your fleeting senses, crushing their hopes of flying into an acute awareness of reality. All the knowledge you might need lies open on the floor, scattered without care. Yet somehow, in the quiet, gloomy sunset, the words have floated from their unswept homes, filling the space around you and teaching you something that will stay with you forever. A thought. A notion. A muse. Something so small, yet burning with an eternal cosmic truth. 'OP/EN' unlocks a very interesting door indeed, so stream above and discover more over here!