Sunday, October 9, 2011

NEWS// Great Dads: Crunk Goblins EP

Pretty sweet little three-track EP from the Charlottesville based duo Great Dads, 'Crunk Goblins'. Something about their pop-rock sensibilities, punk energy and fantastic lyricism just hits the spot. The length of the EP ensures a memorable listen afterwards, and the unique style the guys manage to get across captivates during it. The opening number is particularly enjoyable, guitars running free down the confident drum beat. A slow, soothing start is met by fireworks, panning across your headphones, and the lyricism ("Hey, I’m here in a tight dress / Anything you need to confess?") is utterly hilarious. 'Sun Ritual' matches the standard set by 'Ladies Knight', building and inspiring and laughing all the way to the finish line. 'Eno's Lamborghini ' concludes the EP with a instrumental number, but I reckon that's just what needed, and it works brilliantly! Download the EP for free over here, but stream the excellently well executed 'Ladies Knight' above before you do! Before long, I'm sure you too will be singing along with "good libations". It's recommended!