Thursday, October 27, 2011

VIDEO// Real Fur: The Fool

London-based trio Real Fur actually dropped their second single 'The Fool' a few months ago, and after the astounding success of 'Animal', which I loved, the song seems to have amazingly, slipped from attention. Nevertheless, upon receiving an email from their press, I was immediately at the computer and ready to sing the band's praises over both the track and the video that goes along with it. The group records a certain tropical brand of intelligent and unbelievably charming rock-pop that never fails to draw smile from pouting lips. There is something about the Talking Heads-esque quirks, and an aroma around the African-inspired rhythms that has that extraordinary ability to salvage even the most destitute of moods from the most sleepless of nights. Onto 'The Fool', its funky riffs and soothing vocals hang in a state of warm, reverberating semi-presence. While underlying lyrical tension grounds the music, those playful, transcendent beats try ever so hard to lift it from human grasp. Echoing guitars wander lost, driven forwards by Real Fur's passion and yearning and sonic maturity, and yet through it all, you get the overwhelming feeling that they don't take themselves too seriously. It's a truly touching combination. Mature and yet unrestrained. Refined and yet shining with the subtle, charming imperfections that fill every line. The London trio manage to tie them all together in a manner both wonderfully refreshing and wonderfully smile-inducing. I eagerly urge a watch of 'The Fool' up above!