Sunday, October 23, 2011

NEWS// Celista: EP

The Canadian artist Celista dropped this delightful little EP over onto the SoundCloud little over a month ago, and it's full of endearing electro-pop to warm the heart and lift the soul. A five-track collection, something about it humbles. Something about its poise and grace directs it to a back-seat to make others feel taller, and yet it so very much deserves to be centre stage, bathed in celestial spotlight. Opening with 'Warm Autumn', an orchestral harmony fills the space between reality and imagination, merging the line between what is, and what could be. A simple beat is elevated beyond its position, but handles so gracious a promotion wondrously. A breath-taking, yet soothingly modest finish leads into 'Fall', a number of equal allure. Echoing seaside exploration harks back to a time when we had so much to discover, sampled waves crashing against our determined inquisition. 'Warm' lives up to its name, throbbing with a lush bass line and highlighted by affected vocals that float on a surface of a trickling euphoria. Those drips continue into 'Swimming Endless', a muffled melody setting the scene for the final song, 'Endless Day'. Five minutes that glitter and reminisce and draw the silver lining on the cloud of your mood, it's an apt end to an EP that, while not the best thing I've ever heard, made me smile, and no one can ask for more. Stream 'Warm Autumn' up above, and then visit Celista's spot on the SoundCloud!