Friday, September 2, 2011

NEWS//The Magician: I Don't Know What To Do (Feat. Jeppe) MP3

This new track dropped a few days ago onto the soft whispy whiteness that is the SoundCloud, from Belgium artist The Magician. This isn't just any song however! The Magician is known for his fantastic remixes, so imagine both my surprise and delight when I discover 'I Don't Know What To Do', a completely original number. Imagine my further delight when I listen and realise it isn't half bad either! A confident piano melody instantly clicks with the upbeat rhythm, and the infectious hook is both memorable and well sung by Jeppe. After a while the vocals cool off as the chill backing track continues. A relaxed build climaxes in another spate of elecro-pop perfection, before a relatively subdued ending closes the show. Almost involuntarily however, your cursor slowly begins to move back to the play button! This is some solid musical wizardry from The Magician. Stream it above.