Sunday, September 18, 2011

NEWS// Peachcake: This Wasn't Our Plan EP

Smile-inducing deliciousness here from Peachcake, an American trio who record some pretty great, care-free electro-pop. Their latest effort 'This Wasn't Our Plan' is a five-track EP available to download for free from the Bandcamp. Alternatively, you can grab it over on iTunes here. Either way, have a listen, 'cos it's definitely worth one. The opener, 'You Matter' can be streamed above, and does its job well enough. There wasn't that level of experimentation that I enjoyed from the rest of the album, and it was a little predictable, but the second track, 'Speaking of Handouts, I Got You Something', pulled my attention back. Its summery beat and fantastic vocals are heightened by the lovely little melody, and the silly yelp thrown in made my day! A strong finish leads into my favourite number, and also the longest. 'Who are These People And Why Does This Music Suck?' has a brilliant melody, genius half-sung, half-spoke vocals and an ambition to be admired. By the end of the EP my mood was suitably lifted, and I thank Peachcake for just having fun! Bravo!