Friday, September 23, 2011

NEWS// Rebecca Peake: Catchup

'Duchess of Sinew' begins. An ominous organ groans, and then builds. It leads, entices, coaxes you towards a space-rock climax. Female vocals ache with the pain of the universe, and the great understanding paired with it suddenly dawns. A drama is amplified by the vast, never-ending nature of deep space. The space. A space that grows a conscious as it floats around in the nothingness. A space that listens and silently cries as each of its children die a glorious death. Epic doesn't do this justice. It's just... magnificent. I'm not surprised at all to say that Rebecca Peake has done it once again, but that's not the end! I've been a bit busy this week. I've missed another two tracks, so here they are:

This is one of the creepiest vocal tracks I think I've ever heard. From the possessed wailing, which are unnerving enough, a strange voice emerges. It crackles with a subtle old-time fuzz, relaying the lyricism in a manner most psychotic. This woman is sitting in the corner of her room. Outside is dusted in snow, and as the lamps flicker into life, everything is silent. In the room however, she's tortured by the laments of people past. They aren't upset, but more, annoyed at their dismissal. The woman rocks back and forth. A sly smile finds itself amongst the wrinkles of her weary face and slowly, she begins to sing. At only two minutes long, the amount of story and feeling Peake can put into it is quite incredible.

Ever just needed something quiet? Well, have a look through Rebecca Peake's stuff and you're sure to find one. Here, I'll save you the trouble, with 'Still My Heart'. Something about this number oozes an old church feel, with its harmonised vocals and the epic, echoing reverb layered over them. It's not the longest thing ever, but like I've said before, what Peake does so well is work with what little time she has, and create something endearing and more often than not, beautiful. Stream all three songs above, and visit Rebecca over here. Oh, and every track is available over there to download for free!