Thursday, September 15, 2011

NEWS// Dance Movie: Ladycops EP

This is a lovely EP from American quartet Dance Movie, the first track of which, 'Benson', can be streamed above. This, along with another three songs, can be downloaded free of charge over on the Bandcamp here. Said track 'Benson' is wonderfully chilled out, with a particular highlight being the fantastic melody and slowed down interlude in the second half. 'Rush' is a quieter, more reflective number: "bloodstained hands are reaching out / but emptied of their wanting", before the epic, six minute ballad that is 'Linden'. A Katie Melua influence tints the edges of the final two minutes in 'Rizzoli', the vocals of which sound just beautiful. This is a real gem if you've never heard it. From a fast, energetic start, 'Ladycops' slows down into something so, so magnificent, so stream and download!