Friday, September 2, 2011

NEWS// Lunova Labs: Echelon Calling MP3

I was sent an email the other night from Kevin Erwin, the chap behind Franklin based Lunova Labs, asking me to have a gander at his work. After the review (see below), I decided to take a break with his latest track, 'Echelon Calling', which you can grab here. To cut a short story shorter, I had to listen again, and again. It really is a mesmerising number. The synths roll and swell naturally, detailed by a subdued beat and surreal vocals that echo with the tide. Broken by a slow and uninterrupted piano and fantastic guitar work, I realised without a doubt that this was some seriously beautiful music. The two halves manage to vary themselves from each other just enough, while still remaining together. The production and polish to 'Echelon Calling' creates some of the smoothest and most gleaming pieces of downtempo chillwave you'll hear for a while. I'm truly blown away. Hear the song above and follow Lunova Labs over on the SoundCloud. I sure am!