Friday, September 2, 2011


I've actually posted about Oddlogic before, and their song 'January Jone$'. Well, the time has arrived for me to proudly reveal to everyone (or at least to those who haven't found it yet) Oddlogic's EP 'NO REASON WHATSOEVER'! If you could see me now I'm grinning manically, and for good reason. This here is some serious exploration of sound, which might have partially blown my mind. This six-tracker has two songs that you can download for free, but the one I've embedded is my favourite number, 'Chinese Food'. Every other track here does deliver wonderfully too however, don't get me wrong. From the Amon Tobin inspired use of samples in most of the songs, to the epic fuzzy scope of 'Don't You Make No Noise', to the rock guitars of the title track, everything here sounds fantastic. If you like experimentation with samples, definitely stream 'Chinese Food' above and check out the EP over in the Camp for Bands here. Keep an eye on Oddlogic, mark my words!